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Social Media For Business

Online Advertising and Promo

WMG Social Media Marketing Services
A healthy internet footprint would not be complete without a substantial social media presence. Professionally Optimized social media ties relevant web content together and provides the proverbial "icing" on the SEO cake. Social Media also enables businesses to engage with customers.
In addition to SEO, there are multiple avenues to increase a company's visibility in web searches. By utilizing online advertising and promotional mediums. Email newsletters, press releases, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising used in conjunction with well optimized landing pages can be effective at driving traffic to your website
WMG Online Marketing and Advertising Services


S. Williams Marketing Group offers a wide range of design options for businesses, non-profit organizations,
e-commerce, personal websites, event websites, customized discussion forums, and more. We can design your website as simple or as elaborate as you want it. If you have some idea of the direction you want to go in, we can more than likely make it happen, no matter how whimsical the design.

Website Design, Development, and Maintanence

Barbecue Center of Lexington, NC

S Williams Marketing Group | Lexington, NC

Officially launched in 2015 by NC entrepreneur, Steve Williams, S. Williams Marketing Group, LLC is the culmination of a journey that began more than a decade ago. Along with posessing a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, Steve is also an obsessive,  no-holds-barred autodidact with the ability to soak up knowledge on most any subject.  He has been involved in a variety of projects in the past 10 years, including:  consumer electronics development, computer repair, IT and networking, graphic design, website design and development, trade show management, and online marketing and advertising to name a few.

Steve Williams Bio

Marketing, Website Development, and Graphic Design Professionals

Advancement in information technology over the past three decades and in particular, the past 10 years, has been a game changer for businesses and organizations of all sizes. To be competitive today, businesses and organizations must possess a significant internet footprint. Whether your company's reach is global, national, or regional you absolutely must have some level of online visibility.

Your first order of business will be a well optimized and professionally designed website coordinated with professional social media business pages. From there you can build your online marketing strategy. 

Outsource Your Headaches To Us

Many small and mid-size business owners are up to their eyeballs managing the day to day operations of their business. More often than not, that leaves little to no time to learn and stay up to date on a rapidly evolving and complex digital marketing system. Some small companies operate without a marketing department and simply cannot absorb the costs of creating one to meet the challenge. 

This is where Williams Marketing Group comes in. We bridge marketing gaps for small and mid-size companies and organizations offering the ability for you to outsource critical marketing needs without breaking your budget.  We do this effectively and efficiently by focusing on three main service areas that include:  Online Marketing and Advertising, Website Development and Management,
and Promotional Graphic Design.  

Flexible and Budget Minded

We pride ourselves on being flexible and convenient to do business with and realize that each individual business and organization has specific marketing needs. No matter how simple or complex those needs may be, we remain committed to seeking a solution that fits your growth strategy and of course, your budget.

Steve Williams, President


We design web and print graphics for brochures, flyers, logos, shirt and hat graphics, sales and promotional collateral, signs, billboards, social media, websites, web ads, etc. Pretty much anything you need a professional graphic for, we can design it for you.

Graphics-Only for Web and Print

Turnkey Promotional Items

Designed, sealed, and delivered. Let us handle the design and the legwork for your marketing promotional items, including Brochures, Shirts, Hats, Posters, Signs, Decals, Banners, CD Covers and more.