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What is the cost of Website Development?

Our website development prices vary depending on the size and scope of your website
project. If you are like us, budget is always a concern. As we discuss your project, we will
make every effort to identify and pursue the most economical pathway to the end result.

WMG can design your website as simple or as elaborate as you need. We design and
develop a full range of website sizes and functionality, from ecommerce websites with
content management functionality, to business services websites with a blog and
customized discussion forum, a modest 4-5 page personal professional website, or even a
simple landing page.

The most prevelant variables that affect price include but are not limited to: number of
pages, blog, discussion forum, content management systems, website development
platform, ecommerce platform, rush deadline, content, and images.

See basic pricing below. Contact us and we will move forward from there.

Basic HTML Website Pricing

(Client resposible for domain registration and website hosting)

Promotional Landing Page $350

Landing pages are great for providing a one-stop informational portal for product and
services promotional campaigns. The page is a natural extension of your main website,
but offers prospective customers and clients a quick informative snapshot of the product
or service you are promoting without having to navigate multiple pages.  (Client provides
content and images. If you would like for us to provide content and images, do not hesitate to contact us
to discuss your project details)

5 Page Website $800

(Additional website pages $225 each)

Perfect for service oriented businesses, local sports teams, racecar drivers and teams,
musicians, non-profit organizations, etc. (Client provides content and images. If you would like
for us to provide content and images, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project details)

Contact us and we will hash out the details and generate a quote.

My website design idea is elaborate, can you do it?

I need a customized discussion forum for my website.

We relish the chance to break a paradigm. No design idea is too wild or crazy to consider.
Working outside of the box is the basic foundation of our company culture.

Surf the web for design inspiration and take some notes on elements that you would like
to have on your website. Reach out to us and start the consultation process.

Challenges keep us sharp, and that includes keeping you within budget while at the same
time providing you with a website that you can be proud of. View our website design
Yes. We can upfit your existing website with a discussion forum or include a discussion
forum with a new design. We use open source flat-forum bulletin board software solutions.

I have a very short timeframe. Can you meet any deadline?

If you have a project that is time critical, please contact us. We will discuss the scope and
come up with a plan of action.

More likely than not, we can meet your deadline with time to spare. We pride ourselves on
solving problems. If your problem is "time", we will seek the solution. Additional charges
may or may not be applied for rush deadlines depending on workload we are experiencing
at any given time.

I need a website deveolped for my event, can you guys do that?

Yes. WMG can most definitely design, develop, and maintain event websites. Whether it be
a one-time event or a recurring event, we can get you up and running on the web.

Sell event tickets and merchandise online, sign up forms and database, event discussion
forum and blog, etc. 

We also offer discounted marketing and promotion packages bundled with website
development. Contact us and lets begin the discussion. Check out the North South
Shootout Racing Event website.

Can I get a blog on my website?

Absolutely. We can even match the landing page design theme to your existing website
theme. We can also design HTML newsletters for your promotion. Shoot us an email to
get the process started. Check out this Wooten Graphics, Inc. landing page developed for
an email newsletter marketing promotion.

Do you design websites for non-profit organizations?

Absolutely! We love working with non-profit organizations on website development
projects as well as marketing and promotion. Contact us to learn more about our non-
profit organization special rates. See the Ole North State Line Siders non-profit website
designed by WMG.

Will you guys design a single landing page for my promotion?

Yes. If you have an existing HTML website and if your hosting supports mysql and
phpadmin, we can install a custom blog and database. If you are in need of a new website,
WMG can design an HTML website with blog functionality, or utilize popular blog oriented
platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Tumblr, Blogger etc to customize and
develop your website.

Can WMG set up a store and cart for my website?

Yes. WMG specializes in ecommerce solutions for both existing websites and new website
development. There are lots of ecommerce platform options available with varying
degrees of functionality. Contact us and set uo a free consultation so we can determine
the best fit and most economical solution for your ecommerce needs.

Click here to see an ecommerce website developed by WMG with the Wix ecommerce
platform requested by our customer. This is but one example of many ecommerce
platforms available.
We believe that collaboration is the key being
successful in most any endevor, expecially when it
comes to creating a functional, asthetically pleasing

We partner with NC Triad Website Design company,
RED PILL WEB DESIGN on most of our projects.
This gives us expert feedback from a variety of
unique and highly experienced perspectives.

Design Collaboration

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