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Tim Scronce Small Business Journal
SEO Weekly Journal
Gadgets, Tech, and Gear
C&C Racing Promotions

Tim Scronce Small

Business Journal

A semi-weekly hand-picked collection
of insightful buisiness and
entrepreneurial articles for small
business owners and executives.

SEO Weekly Journal

A weekly hand-picked collection of
articles focused on uodates and new
strategies for "Search Engine
Optimization" and "Social Media
Marketing" aimed at internet marketers
and business owners.

Gadgets, Tech, & Gear

GT&G is a weekly hand-picked
collection of geeky gadget product
pitches and electronics tech articles. It
is amazingly successful at generating
interaction on social media. It appeals
to a wide demographic.

The Perfect Compliment To A Healthy Social Media Presence

We utilize the online news curation platform Pro to deliver even more selected
content to your customers and help to drive more traffic by giving your blog articles more
visibility as well as by utilizing custom designed advertising graphics embedded into your
publication. We also design all header and thumbnail graphics for each publication.

Our customized news publications feature:

>The ability to publish blog articles authored by you and your staff as featured news content.
>Hand-picked content (articles, videos, and images) that meet your criteria.
>Up to four professionaly designed advertisements per publication.
>Customized publishing schedule
>Google Analytics
>Optimized profile content
>Branded background graphics, publication header, and publication logo.
>Send newsletters to subscribers and alerts to social media upon publishing.
>Custom Domain name

C&C Racing Promotions

Racing News

A weekly hand-picked collection of east
coast short track asphalt and dirt
racing news. Great for driving traffic to
a racing souvenir retailer client.

A Few Publications That We  We Manage

Urban Sombrero Daily

Urban Sombrero Daily is actually a
weekly publication chocked full of
intereating articles for Seinfeld sitcom

This is a just-for-fun publication for one
of our founders.

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