How can I create a professional social media business profile

How do I set up a professional and consistent social media business profile?

By:  Steve Williams

If you have a business, chances are, you have set up a business page profile on the at least one of the top social media networks. At the least, you should have a page on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Assuming you have at least these three top networks covered, let’s make sure you are getting bang for your effort.

You took the time to register for the page, but have not had the time to optimize them. My advice to you is, “Take time to optimize your social media business pages…and Be Consistent across all networks”.   

How do I optimize my social media business pages?

Great question, and there is a very simple answer. Fill out every single option in the profile set-up that identifies anything about your business. Be assured that an astute competitor will take advantage of all opportunities to optimize their business profiles. Competition is a great thing, it makes you dig deeper. Leave no stone unturned.

Short Description, Long Description, About

Keep your company description consistent, but do not duplicate word-for-word…this includes your main website. Be creative, the content needs to be similar, but a bit different. Duplicate content is a big no-no.  Search engines, especially Google, will reward your creativity in describing your company differently across many web pages.  Make sure this content is of the highest quality. If you know someone that writes well, have them to proofread it.

Profile Images and Graphics

 Profile images and graphics are of paramount importance. These images give your profile curb appeal, and must be professional. If you do not have proper software to create high-quality graphics and edit images, or simply do not have the time to do it, hire it out. Do not neglect this very important profile optimization feature.

Your profile images and graphics dimensions will differ across social media networks. For the sake of time, I will continue to stick with Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

The “Profile Image in all three of these examples is the small image with the W”. The cover/header image is the larger image. Pay close attention to the Twitter header image and the Facebook cover image. A portion of these images will be occupied with Twitter and Facebook default content, so make sure you take this in account when designing your cover/header graphics.

At the time of this writing these are the correct profile image dimensions for Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Social media networks will periodically redesign their user interface, which may result in a change of image dimensions.   


Profile image: 180pixels X 180pixels; Cover image: 851pixels X 315pixels

S. Williams Marketing Group Facebook Profile











Profile image: 250pixels X 250pixels; Header image: 1500pixels X 500pixels

S. Williams Marketing Group Twitter Profile










Google Plus

Profile image: 250pixels X 250pixels; Cover image: 1080pixels X 608pixels

S. Williams Marketing Group Google Plus Profile










Your Main Business Website

Lastly, keep your social media profile images consistent with your main business website design. This will add the touch professionalism to your company’s internet presence that may sway a customer or client in your direction.

S. Williams Marketing Group Website Home Page










If you are strapped for time and need the services of a graphic designer/internet marketing professional, do not hesitate to contact S. Williams Marketing Group for a free quote and no-pressure consultation. I would love to be able to help you to compete more effectively for organic internet search traffic.


Steve Williams is the President of S. Williams Marketing Group. An internet marketing firm based in North Carolina that specializes in website development, internet marketing, and graphic design. 



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